HomeTown – 21 – Heritage

HomeTown - 21 - Victorian
Crown Graphic – Fuji Fujinon-W 1:5.6/125 – Ilford FP4+ @ ASA-64 – Pyrocat-HD (1+1+100) 8:00 @ 20C

Unless you live in Milton, you may not realise the rich architectural heritage that my hometown has to offer. Sadly many of our oldest buildings no longer stand and most that do stand date only to the mid-century, that century is the 19th. And I would have many different homes to choose from, but I wanted something new different and never have been in my camera’s viewfinder before. The Lawson House dates to 1893 built by a local merchant. Sadly I cannot find anything about John Lawson or what role he played in the town. But I do like the house, the creeping vines along the simple brick exterior and little in the way of flare. Yet it shows exactly how many different styles of homes that have been popular and that you can find in town if you choose to explore. The funny thing is that this frame was the very first image I captured in this entire project despite how late in the publishing it has come.

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