HomeTown – 22 – The Stone Church

HomeTown - 22 - Grace
Crown Graphic – Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 1:5.6/210 – Ilford FP4+ @ ASA-64 – Pyrocat-HD (1+1+100) 8:00 @ 20C

Yes, church buildings have featured prominently in this project, and that should come as no surprise as many of the oldest buildings in town are churches. But also they are some of the more interesting buildings in town to photograph. One of my first photo projects was related to Milton’s churches. Despite the look of the grey fieldstone Grace Anglican Church the current building standing on the hill looking down on the main street is not the oldest church in town nor is this building the original building for the Anglicans in Milton. While the congregation dates to the 1850s and if you will notice there’s a white building at the back, that is the original wooden frame building that today serves as the parish hall. But the stone church is the only church in town that reminds me of the British Norman churches that populate many British TV shows and villages. Framing the shot was challenging, to not only get the 1890s building but also the original 1850s frame building. But even the matter of waiting for traffic to pass, as nearby is a rather popular diner in the downtown. Sadly an ill-timed down bumped my tripod, causing a bit of camera shake.

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