Recommended Reading – March 2024

March came in with a tonne of amazing news in the Film Photography world! From new cameras to new films, things certainly are looking amazing for the spring. So here are my picks of articles and videos that crossed my desk for the month that has a dual personality, lion and lamb.

Kosmo Foto – New Pentax Film Camera will be a Half-Frame
Following up from the articles that went around the Internet back in January, there was an amazing update from Ricoh about their efforts to build new film cameras and news that one will be released in the summer of this year. Although the news was a bit polarising when word came out that the new camera would be a half-frame and zone focus. While I’m certainly not in the target market for that camera, I’ll admit, I’m excited to see a new 35mm camera from a known camera manufacturer. Read more over on

Canny Cameras – The Lomo Half-Frame You Never Heard Of – Unboxing the Lomography Lomourette
It looks like the iconic Diana toy camera, one of the many camera models that have been picked up by noted toy camera maker Lomography. But this one certainly is a fresh face on the market, so fresh that the folks at Lomography UK were puzzelled at it’s apperence on noted British camera blogger Alan’s website. The Lomourette is one of those cameras that is taking advantage of the resurgence in interest of half-frame photography. The weird part is that there has been no marketing for this camera. Read more over on!

This is Water Lilies version of the Lomourette – Image promotional image from Lomography AG

Johnny Martyr – Unboxing & Evaluating A Welta Weltur 6×4.5/6×6 Folding Rangefinder
There’s something special about buying a new camera, even if it’s an old camera delivered by modern means. That’s exactly what Johnny goes through as he unboxes a rare (for him) purchase of a beautiful example of a 1930s folding rangefinder. I have a soft spot for a good folding camera and this Welta is beautiful! Read along on Johnny’s unboxing journey over at!

Isn’t this camera a beauty!

Japan Camera Hunter – That Final Roll: What are you saving it for?
Expired film is a great way to get to use some film stocks that are no longer in production. I love Panatomic-X, Plus-X, and APX 25 and will always spring for those rolls whenever I see them up for sale (at the right price). But these days even expired film is creeping up in price. But what if we’re overthinking saving that roll for the right moment, which may never come if we overthink it. Unless you’re an ancient Egyptian, those canisters ain’t going with you to the great beyond so what’s it take to pop open the lid, load that roll in the chamber and slide the leader across? Read more over on:!

There’s always that thought that maybe you’re shooting the roll at the wrong time, but any time you can shoot something special, the moment is right

Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley – Riding in Cars with Film
Good Friend Aly has been publishing these amazing ‘zines driving too and from medical appointments. They’re well made and have some amazing images despite being from mundane and everyday subject matter. But it also shows that even from the seat of a car you can capture amazing scenes. I know that I always tried to keep a camera accessible on my road trip to get those side-of-the-road shots to fill in the gaps between destinations. You can read more about Aly’s new Zine over at and you can pick up the latest version over on MagCloud.

Toronto Railway Museum – 1960s Visit to the John Street Roundhouse
If you have ever visited Toronto, the area around the Roger’s Centre (Skydome) and the CN Tower were once dominated by the railway industry. Both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific maintained a massive presence in downtown Toronto since the earliest day of the railway when multiple operators (Grand Trunk, Great Western, and many more) ran massive railyards. But as the days of passenger rail and the need for these places waned the areas became smaller. Today only the John Street Roundhouse remains and it now a multi-business building and park. But the ties to the past are still felt as the Toronto Railway Museum operates out of a couple of the former bays. This beautiful piece published last year shares the photographic trip to what the roundhouse looked like during the 1960s through the lens of a 16 year old’s camera. Read More At:!

Down the Road – Vivitar V3800N
Vivtar was once a big name in the photography world, but not as a camera/lens/accessory manufacturer but rather as a reseller. Often contracting work out to other companies and slapping their name on them. The V3800N is no different as Jim explains, as a member of the Cosina CT1G/CT1 Super family similar to the Nikon FM10. But rather than being made by Cosina, it was made by Phenix (who also made one with their branding). There’s nothing wrong with the cameras, a barebones manual focus, manual exposure camera with a K-Mount, a modern day K1000 for example. But this may also be one of the last manual focus SLRs produced. You can read more over at:!

Vivitar V3800n
It sure looks like a Cosina camera to me.

Norwich Camera Company – The Marriage of Beer and Film
The idea of developing your black & white film in beer is not a new thing, a partnership between Kodak and Dogfish Head produced the brew SuperEIGHT that had the capacity to develop film. But now a couple of neighbours, Norwich Camera Company and Epicure Brewing have teamed up to produce their version of a beer that can be a film developer. Beerenol, much like Caffenol, relies on the use of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda). Which is appropriately named Unusual Development, traditional Gose style beer that is heavy on the wheat with some tartness that is cut out mostly by salt. As a film developer and a beer it looks rather interesting. It’s a shame I live so far away, or maybe that’s a good thing, read more over at:!

Photo By: Norwich Camera Co.

Yvonne Hanson – Fujifilm Back in Production! What is Film Photography Like in Japan in 2024?
So what’s the state of film photography in Japan in 2024, well if you’re like me and haven’t been able get over to Japan, the amazing film photography Yvonne hit up the land of the rising sun and gives us the low down not only on the state of film in Japan but the news that Fujifilm is back in production of film especially colour film today in 2024! Production is still not up to what it was, but it’s a start from a company famous for axing films.

Old Camera Guy – Purple Film for Portraits
I love how Dave just goes out and breaks the rules and that includes using Lomography’s false colour film for portrait work. Now I have shot Purple before and it’s a good film, not to my tastes. But I can appreciate how Dave uses this to create delightful weird portrait work. They also remind me of the iconic Kodak Aerochrome III Colour Infrared work done in the Congo by Richard Mosse.

Prime Video – Fallout: Official Trailer
Okay not photography related, but I enjoyed the Fallout series. I never played the original, I worked through Fallout 2 but loved Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Mix of RPG and FPS, it was exactly what I wanted in a computer game. And while I don’t game anymore, I am excited about this series being released in a couple of weeks. So you know I’ll be tuning in!

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