March came in with a tonne of amazing news in the Film Photography world! From new cameras to new films, things certainly are looking amazing for the spring. So here are my picks of articles and videos that crossed my desk for the month that has a dual personality, lion and lamb. Kosmo Foto – New Pentax Film Camera will be a Half-Frame Following up from the articles that went around the Internet back in January, there was an amazing update from Ricoh about their efforts to build new film cameras and news that one will be released in the summer of this year. AlthoughRead More →

There were a lot of excellent items that popped up on my feed this month. Some good news about film prices, an excellent interview between two awesome Australian photographers and the return to publishing of camera reviews from Mike Eckman, who is a huge inspiration for my written camera reviews. So here are the social media posts that caught my eye for the shortest month of the year! Kosmo Foto – Kodak Alaris reduces price of Tri-X 35mm film by up to 30% This one is a hanger on from last month, so I might as well lead this month’s list with this amazing news.Read More →

January is either a busy for quiet month around the Internet. With the cold weather and post-holiday slump all being a part of this trend. But for those who are writing and creating content, January can also be a good time to get back behind the keyboard and work on partly completed work. Here are the blog posts and YouTube videos that caught my eye in January. My Journey Into Photography – Ferrania P30 Review Jim is one of my favourite ‘new’ photographers who is loving exploring as much as he can around film and film cameras. And he finally did his own review onRead More →