I have put out several self-published photography books from many projects or trips. You can find them here and purchase them through Blurb.

Voices|in the dark

Some of my favourite abandoned spaces captured over the course of five years of poking around these abandoned areas now with stories, both my own and the locations themselves in a handsome coffee table book,starting at 336.39$ CAD.
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Although we never got far enough north to see the Northern Lights, but we did make it to nearly edge of civilized Ontario, more of a travel journal of my first trip into Northern Ontario, starting at 44.07$ CAD.
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Fire & Blood|A Pictorial History of the Anglo-American War of 1812

200 years after the War of 1812 much of the conflict has been forgotten or lost to the urbanization of Canada and the United States. But there is still much to explore. Over the course of 2012 to 2016 I took to capturing as many of these sites as I could, and now I've tied them together with a narative of the war and now that project is avalible in book form. Starting at 198.40$ CAD.
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52|A Year on Film

Over the course of 2016, I set out to shoot a roll of film each week. Fifty-Two Weeks, Fifty-Two rolls of film. And now this is the result of that project. For each week I picked a single image that stood out, rescanned, edited, and wrote about the week. 52: A Year On Film. Starting at 53.03$ CAD.
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Acts of Confederation|A Pictorial History of Confederation

The creation of Canada as a nation is a long and often misunderstood road. In this book I try to cover the foundations of nationhood from the founding of Upper Canada, Colonial Government and the drive for reform. The Upper Canada Rebellion, Responsible Government, Raids, Invastion, Canals and Railroads. Political dealings and finally confederation. A perfect compaions to my history of the Anglo-American War of 1812, Acts of Confederation starts at 167.17$ CAD.
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The Canal|A Pictorial History of the Welland Canal

If there is a singular bright point in Canada's engineering and infrastrutural history it is the Welland Canal. Originally started as a wood and dirt ditch in 1824 to help power mills, it quickly transformed the entire Niagara Penisula giving rise to urban and industrial growth. Eventually transforming from a regional route to an international trade coridor! The Canal starts at 63.06$ CAD.
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Lost In A|Sea of Green

Of all the buildings I ever explored one of my favourites was the former Firestone Canada plant in Hamilton, Ontario. Operating from the 1920s to the 1980s and then went through limbo into the 1990s. Sadly most of the historical plant was demolished in 2012. But it still lives on in photographs. Starts at 59.30$ CAD.
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Between Darkness|And Light

Looking back at my days exploring abandoned buildings. This collection includes 100 of my favourite images and locations I checked out between 2005 and 2016. Between Darkness and Light starts at 81.96$ CAD.
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A Faded Glory|A Visual History of the Railroad in Ontario

Take a trip along Ontario's historical railroads with images and histories of surviving stations, bridges, and rolling stock from the earliest days to the modern era. A Faded Glory starts at 91.34$ CAD.
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Photographic 'Zines

While not a new idea in the world of photography it can take some time to build up a full fledged photobook. The 'Zine is a smaller production that I can use to highlight trips, and smaller projects.

The 100th|Meridian

The furthest west in Canada I've ever been in Sault Ste Marie that changed in the summer of 2019 when my wife and I ventured past the 100th meridian into Canada's great plains and discovered the beauty of the Saskatchewan. Staring at 8.35$.
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My first project that is directly about Milton, not just the history but the stories and places that are important to me such as the street and church I grew up in, and the home I have today with my amazing wife. These were shot through the first couple of months of 2020 on 4x5 and published over the course of 24 weeks through the middle of 2020. Starting at 12.66$.
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The Invasion| of Georgian Bay

In 2019 I attended my first Grand Tactical for the 1812 hobby, but not shooting a musket or American invaders. Rather I returned to my roots in the hobby and shot photos. This 'zine is based on a fictional newspaper article I wrote for my blog and did a bit of expanding on for the 'zine. Starting at 11.86$.
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