I offer a wide range of photographic services both in digital and traditional film based photography aimed to provide the best quality images for your needs. Please note that when taking images I retain the copyright however do provide a print release to my clients. Base hourly rate for freelance work is $100.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours of work (1 hour for shooting, 1 hour for processing/editing)

I offer the following services (click to jump to details):


Like many things in modern society weddings themselves have changed. So we offer a wide range of options when putting together coverage of your special day ready to work and adapt so you get what you want to show for your day. As a hybrid shooter I will cover your day in a photojournalistic manner, focusing on the event as well as you, the couple for portraits using both digital and traditional photographic methods.

How does it work, well you start with one of two base packages depending on your day. The Wedding Event is aimed for smaller events that cover less than a day or civil ceremonies, while The Wedding Day is for larger events

The Wedding Event: This base package is designed for smaller events that don't last the whole day, designed for smaller ceremonies that start early and receptions that go into the early afternoon or even civil ceremonies. This package includes photographer for up to a twelve hour period. Once done you'll get all edited images in both JPG and TIFF format with three 8x10 shots of the couple with 4x6 shots for each member of your wedding party or family shots of your choice. Cost: 1000.00$

The Wedding Day: This base package is designed for a full day of wedding from getting ready in the morning to the evening reception and provides well over 12 hours of coverage of your special day. Once the wedding is done you'll get all your edited images in JPG and TIFF formats along with a series of prints, three 8x10 of the couple as well as a set of 4x6 prints of either the wedding party or fmaily shots. Cost: 2000.00$

Once you have your base picked, you can add on any additional packages to improve on the base package.

Extra Prints: Need to add a few more professionally done prints? Look no furthers, with this add on you get all the prints you need to put together a scrap book or photo album of your wedding. You get to choose 25 of your favourite images, printed at a professional lab! Cost: 100.00$

Album Package: Not intrested in getting an album together of your own? Don't worry, I'll work directly with you, the couple and using the power of online self-publishing create a custom album in 10x8 through This addition provides you with three printing ablum included in the additional cost and a private URL where others can easily purchase their own copy of the album. Cost: 500$ to the base price. Note: I collect a 10% royality on any additional produced album.

The Multi-Day Affair: With living in a multi-cultural society, I understand that sometimes weddings are a multiple day party so I do offer coverage up to three days for your special event. I will require at least three months notice for this option. Cost: 500$ per day up to 1500.00$.

Destination: While not always possible, I do offer coverage for destination ceremonies. However, the hitch is that there is no fixed cost for this service. I will cover the cost of accomidations. I do expect the couple to cover the cost of transportation and to ensure that they are indeed allowed to bring their own photographer. Some cruiseships do require couples to use their own photographers. Please allow one year notification minimum when chosing this add-on.Cost: Transportation + 500$ (multi-day fee).

All Analog Wedding: I am first and foremost a film shooter, so why not extend that to wedding clients. This package I'll ditch the digital and cover your entire day on film! Using 35mm, 120,and 4x5 film both colour and black and white will be on display. At the end you'll get both inkjet and traditional black and white darkroom prints to cover your day. Film stocks of choice will including Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Tri-X 400, and Ilford FP4+. Colour will be lab developed while I will hand develop any black and white films. Cost: 300.00$.

You can view photos from past weddings on flickr: Wedding Collection on Flickr.


For most portrait work I prefer to work in the great outdoors, or in an environment comfortable to the client, such as their home or a special space. I work with models, fashion designers, families, bands/musicians, and couples.

Portrait packages are avalible in both digital and film based formats, based on the clients preferences. Film stock would be Kodak Portra or Tri-X based on again the preference of the customer. Optical prints from black and white film is avalible for an additional fee.

You can view past portraiture work on flickr: Portraiture Collection on Flickr

Basic Portrait Work
Good for fashion, glamor, or model work. The client and the model (if seperate) will recieve a disc with the photographer's edits of the final images, proofs will be avalible for the client to make their selections. Full copyright will remain with the photographer, with release forms signed by the model and releases that allow the client to make use of the images.
Cost set at $100/hr

Family Photography
great for Christmas Cards, gifts to the family, or school portraits (if you don't like the ones you get from the school). After this 2 hour session, which can include up to 3 changes of clothes, customers will recieve a disc of the final edited images that can be taken to any print shop. Additionally the customer will recieve 3 8x10 images of their favourite shot, and 6 5x7 prints as well.
Package Cost: $300.00

Engagment annoucements, Christmas Cards, or just for fun, a couples package includes 3 8x10 and 6 5x7 prints of your favourite pose. Package is for a one hour shoot, can include up to three changes of clothes, customers will also recieve a disc of the final edits perfect for printing.
Package Cost: $200.00


Picnics, evenings, kick-off events, shows, and historical re-enactments, I cover them all in a unique candid photo-journalistic flair.

Film and digital images are avalible for event photography based on the customer's preference. For historical re-enactment for the early to mid 20th century period I have several cameras that either date back to the periods or will at 40 yards, appear to be of the era. I have avalible to me: Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa (1950s), Box cameras from the early 20th century, and Rolleiflex 2.8F (1969). For the most part I will stick with film that can potray black and white images from that period working with kodak Tri-X and Ilford FP4+ and using Kodak D-23 to replicate the 'old school' look.

You can view past event work on flickr: Historical Reenactments, Canada Youth 2009, Conventions.

Package includes:

  • One Photographer for up to 8 hours in a day
  • A Disc containing the raw images straight off the camera in either RAW format or JPG perfect for publication
  • A CD with images with colours and exposure corrected with minimal editing done (noise reduction, sharpening).