Montreal – Revisited

So why go back and revisit photos that are getting close to four years old now, I have plenty of new good content to share. However there is something to be said for taking a look back at your photographic journey, and to see where, everything changed. For me, that change really took place here, in Montreal Quebec during my vacation there in 2010.


narrow streets


I think my muse finally woke up in Montreal, especially in old Montreal. And film started to come back to me in a big way. But not just medium, but stylistically I finally got what I was looking for in my photography. I wasn’t just taking snapshots with big cameras, I was thinking, composing, and building an image.

Notre Dame Light

Window Detail


There was clear definition. Lines, perspective, detail.


What time is it Mr. Wolf?


So why Montreal? I don’t know, maybe because I just felt comfortable in the city, more so than any other big city I had visited to date. Or maybe something just clicked.


Christ Church Cathedral

Old Doors

I also seemed to develop an obsession with photographing doors.

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