Classic Camera Revival – Episode 17 – Some like it Wet (Plate)


Long before we had flexible film and even dry plate it was the wet plate process that brought photography to the masses. This is by no means an easy process involving lots of nasty chemicals and a very slow process that today seems rather strange with head braces, brass lenses, and rubber gloves. But for some it’s their passion and art form, so John Meadows speaks to Shane Balkowitsch about how he got into photography and went right for wet plate.

Here are some examples of Shane’s amazing work:

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We’d also like to thank everyone who made it out to our big meetup at the beginning of the month! You can check out some of our super-fan’s reactions to the day. You can find Angela and Kelvin’s video here on YouTube or how about some photos from Kevin Collins! And Co-Host Alex has posted his photos on Flickr!

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