Classic Camera Revival – Episode 20 – Our Top Twenty


We recently posted a link to our Facebook page about the top twenty-two vintage cameras to buy and it generated a lot of discussion about the article. And while we agreed (mostly) on the cameras on the list we felt that there were some better choices for vintage gear that you should buy. So this month we’re giving you the Classic Camera Revival Top Twenty Vintage Cameras to buy!

In no particular order…

Nikon F2 – This mechanical beauty won’t let you down whatever model you pickup!
Pentax 645 – Simple, Easy, Great way to get into Medium Format without breaking the bank
Nikon FM – Pure Photography at it’s best, all mechanical and has great lenses backing it up
Nikon F3 – One of the best, and most affordable semi-auto professional cameras out there
Crown Graphic – Great way to get into shoot-from-the-hip Large Format!
Olympus OM-2 – A Cult Classic and certainly won’t let you down
Voitlander Bessa R – Prices of Leica’s getting you down, get the same quality and have a meter to boot
Cambo Legend 8×10 – Go big or go home, probably the cheapest and simplest way to get into 8×10!
Bronica EC – The cousin to the Hasselblad, with Nikkor Glass, and a cheaper price
Canon T90 – FD Photography at it’s finest fast, functional, and a solid price point.
Contax 645 – Have some more money to spend and want a photographer’s dream then this camera is for you!
Contax AX – Autofocus with Carl Zeiss lenses, this pro camera is rare but a dream to use
Canon F-1 – Built like a tank and designed to last.
Exaka Verex 1000TC – Solid mechanical performance out of East Germany
Fed 2 – A better choice in M39 rangefinders from the 1950s easier to use and a better price point!
Nikon F90x/N90s – Fast Auto-Focus, Solid Metering and affordable!
Pentax Spotmatic – Doesn’t get better than the original, plus your lenses are radioactive!
Rolleiflex – The Ferrari of TLRs, but you don’t need a Zeiss one to get solid performance
Mamyia RB/RZ67 – If you ever wanted to shoot with a cinder-block this is your camera, but it takes beautiful images!
Olympus Pen F – Half-Frame SLR fun, this unique camera won’t disappoint!

Do you agree? What cameras would you put on your list, shoot us an email: classiccamerarevivial[at]gmail[dot]com

Looking for a good spot to get your gear and material fix…check out Burlington Camera, Downtown Camera, Film Plus, Belle Arte Camera and Camtech, if you’re in the GTA region of Ontario, if you’re on the West Coast (British Columbia) check out Beau Photo Supply. Additionally you can order online at Argentix (Quebec), the Film Photography Project or Freestyle Photographic.

Also you can connect with us through email: classiccamerarevivial[at]gmail[dot]com or by Facebook, we’re at Classic Camera Revival or even Twitter @ccamerarevival

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