Photostock 2018 – Pt. 2 – The People of Photostock

Other than the location, one of the best parts of Photostock is the people! This being my fifth event and having missed last year’s event for an awesome reason (having just gotten married), it was good to get back and see old friends to reconnect and to meet new friends in the process. While I did spend more time away from the Birchwood than I did at the hotel itself. The weather on Saturday morning kept me in (both to take in people’s amazing portfolios and the Print Exchange) I managed to capture many of the faces at the event.

SteveSpecial KDavidCareful ConsiderationDiscussions, DiscussionsCareful ExplinationsJim!Big B!Here, Let me Show YouHere, See?TomTelling TalesJohn

Photostock is first and foremost a photography gathering and while photography can be a solitary hobby, it’s good to gather with others, and the piece of biblical wisdom states, iron sharpens iron. And it’s because of this amazing group of photographers that I’ve expanded beyond 35mm lab developed film into home processing, printing, large format, and so much more!

Technical Details – All Photos taken with
Sony a6000 – Sony E PZ 16-50mm 1:3.5-5.6 OSS
Nikon F5 – AF DC-Nikkor 105mm 1:2D – Fomapan 400 @ ASA-250 – Kodak D-23 (Stock) 7.5′

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