Classic Camera Revival – Episode 45 – Second Time Around


There’s no denying when you get a group of photographers together for a long period to time there’s bound to be some cross-person camera exchanges. Well that’s what we’re talking about because there’s been a fair amount of exchanges of gear between our hosts even in the short four years we’ve been operating.

Nikon F5 – The Nikon F5 is no stranger to the CCR, we talked about it back when we did our brilliant Nikon F-Series where we first were joined by Bill Smith. But today, it’s John Meadows who recently acquired the F5 off of James Lee (who upgraded to the F6). As a replacement for his sadly nicked F4.

CCR - Review 22 - Nikon F5
One thing that set the Nikon F5 apart was the integraded battery grip, a feature that was carred on through the professional Digital SLRs from Nikon starting with the D1.

Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa – Being frustrated with the Barnack Leicas and having an eye for Robert Capa’s work, Alex picked up John’s Contax IIIa as he much preferred the Russian copy of the camera, the Kiev 3a.

CCR - Review 35 - Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa
While Cappa used a Contax II on D-Day, at forty yards, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Canon FTb – It only makes sense for Bill to get Mike’s old FTb, this beautiful match needle mechanical is the perfect addition to any FD mount Canon tool-kit.

CCR Review 59 - Canon FTb
Canon’s answer to all the mechanical match needle SLRs of the era, the FTb is a beautiful easy to use student camera and won’t break the bank!

ФЭД-2б (Fed-2b) – When it comes to Russian Leica copies, Mike is our local expert, so it only made sense that in our little internal trading circle that he get the Fed-2b.

CCR - Review 10 - Fed-2 (ФЭД-2)
So this is just a Fed-2, but hey the background makes sense, yes?

Pentax 645 – Having gone to a Hasselblad Alex decided to offload the Pentax 645 his “point-and-shoot” medium format to James Lee, however, James got little use out of the camera and turned around and sold it off already to someone willing to use this beautiful camera.

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 11 - The Mystery Camera Challenge
With a built in drive, meter, and eye-level finder, the Pentax 645 never got the same love as the Mamiya m645, but it sure was an awesome camera.

GAS Meet II – A Success
We’d like to thank everyone who made it out to our second meetup in Cambridge, Ontario at the beginning of the month. It was great to meet and interact with all of you! Hopefully, we can have these meetups more often and explore other parts of Ontario!

The Gang's All Here

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