Classic Camera Revival – Episode 82 – Compact Nation


In our second part of our isolation podcasts, Alex discusses the Nikon FM and Nikon FE, two cameras that came out in the aftermath of the Olympus OM-System. The history behind these cameras, how they compare and their use in the field. Also, we welcome long time member of the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup and member of the Mississauga Leatherworkers Guild Mr Mark Rossi to discuss his own leatherworking business and the creation of Due North Leather. Due North, as you may know, is producing fine leather camera straps for a reasonable cost!

If you are a regular of the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup you will know the guest on our show today, Mark Rossi. Mark has been working both on photography and leatherwork for a good 8 years and about three months ago decided to blend his two hobbies and started his own company, DueNorth Leather. Inspired by the cameras he uses, mostly the Nikon F3, the first camera to have the iconic red stripe to start up a line of leather camera straps. Like many of us and our photography, Mark is almost all self-taught when it comes to his leatherwork and he is an active member of the local leatherworking guilds. And while his initial offering is designed for smaller cameras, his recent release, the Baron line is more aimed at larger cameras. Plus they use the Peak Design anchors which makes them interchangeable. Plus there’s a line of straps designed for medium format cameras.

Instagram: @duenorth_leather
Facebook: DueNorth Leather

CCR Ep 82 - Compact Nation
Each strap comes with a leather spacer to help prevent anybody scuffing, you can also see the gunmetal finish on the fit and finish.
CCR Ep 82 - Compact Nation
Each strap is stamped with the DueNorth logo and is just the right width for the compact size of the FM and FE.

When it comes to Nikon cameras, Alex is a huge fan after switching allegiance many years back, and when it comes to compact Nikon cameras these days there are plenty of cameras that come with a high-price tag such as the FM2n and FE2. But you don’t need to go with these cameras to get a good machine, the original FM and FE are just as good. Both cameras operate using the legendary Copal Square shutter. If a meter doesn’t matter than the FM is for you, using the classic 60/40 centre-weighted meter and a three diode readout in the viewfinder and the gallium based photocells are accurate. But if some level of automation then the FE might be a little more up your alley. Pretty much the same camera, slightly different dimensions and instead of a gallium based cell it uses a far faster silicon blue cell and a different in viewfinder readout with a more traditional needle readout.

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CCR Ep 82 - Compact Nation
This is a later model FM as you can see by the chrome collar around the shutter release.
CCR Ep 82 - Compact Nation
You can see the difference in the shutter release collar and shutter speed dial on the FE.
Camera Review Blog No. 123 - Nikon FM
Nikon FM – AI Nikkor 28mm 1:3.5 (Yellow-12) – Fomapan 100 @ ASA-100 – Adox FX-39 II (1+9) 7:00 @ 20C
Nikon FM - Test Roll
Nikon FM – AI-S Nikkor 35mm 1:2.8 – Kodak TMax 100 @ ASA-100 – Kodak TMax Dev (1+4) 9:30 @ 20C
Nikon FE – AI Nikkor 28mm 1:3.5 – Eastman Double-X @ ASA-250 – Kodak D-76 (1+1) 10:00 @ 20C
CCR:FRB - Review 22 - Fuji Acros 100 - Roll 01 (Kodak D-76)
Nikon FE – AI-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 (Yellow-12) – Fuji Acros 100 @ ASA-100 – Kodak D-76 (Stock) 7:15 @ 20C

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