Classic Camera Revival – Episode 99 – In the Loupe: Alexandria Jahr


Alexandria is a local film photographer who is a long time friend of the Toronto Film Shooters community and is a brilliant photographer. After getting her first camera in 2016 Alexandria was sucked into a wonderful artistic vortex. But not for the end results, but the manual process and delayed gratification. She was first drawn in because of her grandfather’s camera which was still owned by her father. It also helped that she grew up around film photography because her father even had a darkroom in the house. Film photography is the perfect medium for Alexandria to embrace as a recovering perfectionist. And has developed (pun intended) a love of the medium, imperfection. She is always looking for beauty in the mundane, seeking out a feeling. This is often helped by meditation, practising mindfulness, and kindness. She doesn’t hide the fact that she has a bipolar diagnosis and after meeting another film photographer who also has a mental health diagnosis and uses art and photography to help, which has helped Alexandria with her own mental health. Which is also helped with the ability to receive care here in Canada for the illness. But also to help bring to light and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. And is a shining star within the film community.

You can find more of Alexandria’s work online

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