Classic Camera Revival – Episode 110 – Voices of Women


Representation Matters, so on today’s show Chris is taking the lead and bringing around the table today are six amazing photographers whom we at CCR love to see their work and are always happy to interact share and celebrate their work. But what draws all these photographers together, well they’re all women and they have an amazing talent that certainly needs to be celebrated, shared, and their voices…heard.

Over the course of the episode, our hosts mentioned a bunch of amazing photographers that you totally should follow. Here’s the list and links!
Jess (FBVisualss) –
CoThePhotographer –
Roxanna (Roxannlog) –
Chingonas Con Camaras –
Rebekah (Rebekahballest) –
A soul. (Mmayshi) –
May Shi –
Joan Michel –
Maria Alejandra Llorens –
Jessica Li –
Talya Adams –
Alexandria Jahr –

And don’t forget to follow our hosts today on Instagram!
Aly –
Jess –
Brandy –
Marielle –
Becca –
Danielle –

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