Classic Camera Revival – Episode 118 – Workhorses Pt. 2


In our first episode, we discussed those cameras that can take any work we throw their way, and so to close off this season; we’re bringing that topic back! What makes things interesting is that some of our choices have changed, and some familiar cameras are still on the table but in different people’s hands! And there are no surprises in this list; we have cameras like Hasselblads, Mamiya, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, and Minolta are all in our choices. And when it comes to workhorses, these are cameras that will work in any condition and deliver solid image quality. You also need a camera that you can depend on the metering on the camera, especially if you’re working with slide film! You need these cameras to get out of the way, to be not only an extension of your eye but also of your heart. Also, these cameras need to feel right, understanding a camera within your second nature without any real thought to operation. And we end the episode with an excellent discussion about when and where we shoot digital (and yes, we do shoot digital)!

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 68 - Going Pro

Camera Review Blog No. 72 - Pentax 67II

Camera Review Blog No. 134 - Hasselblad 503cx

Olympus OM-2n

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 68 - Going Pro

The Tool Kit - 2019 - Mamiya m645

The Tool Kit - 2019 - Nikon F2 Photomic

Rolleiflex and Americano

Camera Review Blog No. 40 - Mamiya RB67

Camera Review Blog No. 22 - Nikon F5

And from all of us here at Classic Camera Revival to all of you, our fine, amazing, and awesome listeners. A very happy holiday and a joyous New Year. We’ll see you in January.

Classic Camera Revival - Recording Session 2021
L-R: John Meadows, James Lee, Alex Luyckx, Jess Hobbs, and Bill Smith. Abscent (With Leave): Chrissie Wu & Trevor Black.

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