Classic Camera Revival – Episode 143 – Resolution:2023


We’re at the start of a new Season! And why not have a trip around the table to discuss our team’s goals, resolutions, projects and other photographic things we’re each looking forward to through 2023? The common theme throughout our goals is to work on our physical and mental health. Also, working through backlogs, various group projects and getting more work in physical form!

Instead of resolving, James is planning on making a couple of changes! He wants to focus on himself first; everyone has had a rough few years. And for James, he’s started back into a journey of health after some difficult conversations. He wants to do things that make him feel physically and mentally, which will help improve his creative outlet. And also valuing and gaining social connections with fellow photographers. And that means keeping things simple. And that’s going down to picking a single kit for his 35mm, 120, and large format cameras. And focusing on a handful of film types. It also means he will be scaling down the massive collection of cameras and film at fair price points.

Bill also plans to maintain his physical health through the gym and many photo walks. And that certainly helps keep the stamina up when doing those long walks through the woods with a backpack full of Mamiya C-Series glass. He also plans to document mid-town Toronto while he spends time with his girlfriend. He also is continuing with the Frugal Film Project using a Nikkormat FTn and a Nikkor-Q lens with Kentmere 400. It’s a lens he doesn’t reach for often, but that’s the fun of the FFP: getting your skills honed with a different set of kits that is often overlooked because of low cost. He also plans on being more intentional when purchasing colour films, leaning towards Lomography, Flic Film and Atlanta Film Co. And being more careful and intentional with his use of colour films.

There are tonnes of plans and schemes running through the backwoods. But like anything, it’s a focus on personal and mental health to keep being able to hike through those woods with the RB67 and Intrepid 4×5. Other plans for 2022 were to clear out the backlog, make a book, and build a site. But that was a little too much, except for the 4×5 kit. Jess plans to focus on keeping this far simpler, which means getting to know Intrepid much better and embracing the large format. She also wants to check out some of her favourite films in 4×5. She also wants to get out and explore, which means more travel! And last year was the first time Jess and Jody got out and on a proper vacation. And that means more of Quebec and elsewhere. And getting things started this month! And there’s still that 2017 backlog.

Like everyone else, John will continue to care for himself in the new year. And that means scaling back on some gear that doesn’t work well. And that means some changes, including selling his beloved Hasselblad kit. There will be a focus on having some form of physical output and not just images on the screen. And that means maybe an old-fashioned photo album, and even one with that black paper. And that embraces all his projects, both those on film and those on digital. A 365 project (one photo a day), the Only Cafe portrait series will continue. John also wants to get back into Cyanotype and come out of the end of the year with twenty-four using a digital negative. He also wants to get to know Ilford Pan F+ using his Olympus kit as the Zuiko glass to show off what the film and lenses can do. He also wants to get more of his work on his walls because you need more art in your house. Not that generic stuff, his work.

Last year Alex completed the photography for a couple of large format projects that are being published this year! And while the photography is done for both, he has only gotten the typing done and is ready for publishing for only one. He hopes to use the first couple of months this year to get the typing and readying for publishing that second project. He also hopes to have both in book form before the end of the year. He is also looking forward to trying some new developers, taming films, and of course, being a part of the Frugal Film Project!

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