Classic Camera Revival – Episode 18 – Size Doesn’t Matter


In the words of Jedi Master Yoda, size matters not. And while many in the photography world don’t give a second glance to smaller cameras there’s no denying that in the film world there are plenty small ‘shirt pocket’ cameras that pack a decent punch in both usability and optical quality! So for June the team sits down to discuss some of these small wonders.

Cameras Featured on Today’s Show…

Olympus XA – Rangefinder power in your pocket, and not just any rangefinder the Olympus XA is the first of a series of cameras that make up the cult-followed XA line. Except the XA1, no one wanted that camera.

Make: Olympus
Model: XA
Type: Rangefinder
Format: 35mm, 35x24mm
Lens: Fixed, Olympus F.Zuiko 1:2.8 f=35mm
Year of Manufacture: 1979

CCR Review 26 - Olympus XA

CCR Review 26 - Olympus XA

Canon 110ED 20 – While both Pentax and Minolta went with an SLR for their top-of-the-line 110 cameras, Canon decided to build a rangefinder. This is a great camera for those who love the 110 format with a solid glass lens, aperture-priority metering and a hotshoe!

Make: Canon
Model: 110ED 20
Type: Rangefinder
Format: 110
Lens: 26mm f/2
Year of Manufacture:1975

upl - CanonED20Fuji200Scan-160629-0005

upl - CanonED20Fuji200Scan-160629-0001


Minox 35 EL – The clearest example of small but mighty the 35 EL is the smallest 35mm camera out there beating out even the XA but a centimeter or two.

Make: Minox
Model: 35 EL
Type: Point & Shoot
Format: 35mm, 35×24
Lens: Color-Minotar 1:2,8 f=35mm
Year of Manufacture: 1974

MInox EL Test Roll

Minox EL test roll

Canon IXUS Elph Jr. – This compact APS camera give you power in your pocket and certainly a good choice if you want to give APS a try. But watch out, the film stock is finite at this point. If you think it looks familiar, you’re right, as some early Canon Digital P&S cameras are based on this body.

Make: Canon
Model: IXUS Elph Jr.
Type: Point & Shoot
Format: Advanced Photo System (APS)
Lens: Canon Lens 26mm 1:2.8
Year of Manufacture: 1997

upl - CanonElphRitz200Scan-160629-0001

upl - CanonElphRitz200Scan-160629-0002

upl - CanonElphRitz200Scan-160629-0003

Image Foundry – A new business in Toronto that offers fast turn around time for all your E-6 & B&W Processing needs. Located in the Junction for easy drop-off and pickup. Check them out at:! Mike’s been using their services and has nothing but good things to say about them! If you pop in, tell Dimitri.. Mike sent you!

Looking for a good spot to get your gear and material fix…check out Burlington Camera, Downtown Camera, Film Plus, Belle Arte Camera and Camtech, if you’re in the GTA region of Ontario, if you’re on the West Coast (British Columbia) check out Beau Photo Supply. Additionally you can order online at Argentix (Quebec), the Film Photography Project or Freestyle Photographic.

Also you can connect with us through email: classiccamerarevivial[at]gmail[dot]com or by Facebook, we’re at Classic Camera Revival or even Twitter @ccamerarevival

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