Classic Camera Revival – Episode 34 – Authorised for Field Use


Some cameras are best left in the studio, yet we still give ourselves back problems by carrying them out into the field with us! The gang takes on the entire chiropractic industry by flaunting our massive cameras that are best left inside, yet we’ve authorised these beasts for field use.

Cameras Featured on this Show

Mamyia RZ67 -Have you ever wondered what sort of quality photos a cinderblock with a lens would take? Well, that is pretty much what the RZ67 is, a cinderblock that takes stunning images! Surprisingly there’s even strap mounting lugs on this beast! The electronic version of the all mechanical RB67 and just as big. The best part is that if you have a selection of RB67 lenses you can easily use them on an RZ as well.

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 34 - Authorised for Field Use

Camera Specs

  • Make: Mamyia
  • Model: RZ67
  • Type: Single Lens Reflex
  • Format: Medium Format (120/220), 6×7
  • Lens: Interchangeable,
  • Year of Manufacture: 1982

Red filter plus Polarizer

Fence Detail

CCR Review 40 - Mamyia RB67

Fuji GX680iii – When you put the RZ67 next to the Fuji GX680iii, you can see that the 680 is certainly the heavyweight champ. Shooting the slightly larger 6×8 negative, this beast is basically a large format camera, bellows focus, twin rails (that can be extended), beautiful Fujinon glass that can stop down to f/45, some movements and interchangeable bellows. James warns however that while you can get a kit cheap, just make sure to get the GX680iii, easier to find batteries.

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 34 - Authorised for Field Use

Camera Specs

  • Make: Fujifilm
  • Model: GX680iii
  • Type: Single Lens Reflex
  • Format: Medium Format (120/220), 6×8
  • Lens: Interchangeable
  • Year of Manufacture: 1997-2010

CCR - Review 7 - Fuji GX680iii

Halton Region Museum

Halton Region Museum

Monorail LF in the Field
When it comes to Large Format shooting in the field there are some cameras that are designed to do this, 4×5 Field Cameras or Press Cameras can be easily folded up and transported around without too much effort. That being said, once you get into 8×10 unless you drop the cash on an 8×10 field camera you’re stuck with a monorail. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a monorail camera it’s just they’re more aimed at studio shooting. However, Mike & Donna have gone just that little bit extra to ensure that the Cambo Legend is easier taken out than most, by using a little red collapsible wagon.

Another Big One

SPUR of the Moment
For those who have never heard of SPUR HRX, don’t worry too much, it wasn’t until Mike let us in on this great developer out of Germany that the gang took to try it out. According to the information on the SPUR website, the developer is primarily optimized in view of achieving the highest possible fineness of grain. SPUR HRX delivers high sharpness and outstanding detail contrast. Another advantage of HRX is its superbly sophisticated tonality due to the ideal, linear gradation curve gradient preventing dull or flat results.

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 34 - Authorised for Field Use

Some examples that the crew has shot and developed with SPUR HRX!
CCR Review 68 - Bronica GS-1

TFSM - Winter '17


Embrace The Imperfections

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