World Toy Camera Day – 21 October 2017

Black powder and a plastic camera is the theme of World Toy Camera day for my shoot. This year I am not in an exotic location like Pittsburg or Washington DC, but instead, I participated in the final War of 1812 Reenactment event of the season at the Bradley House Museum in Mississauga. So into my Haversack went my Holga 120N loaded up with a roll of Fomapan 100. While toy cameras aren’t for everyone, they certainly add a touch of fun to my photography. For the most part, I work with high-end equipment, but I do enjoy the strange nature of toy cameras, plastic lenses, and fixed shutter speeds. But enough of words for this post, as much as I like writing. I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves! I really need to remember to bring the Holga out to more events, it gives a unique look to the images that suit the time period. Considering photography wasn’t invented yet.

Gather Round

The HMS Psyche

Musket Work

Stacked Arms

The Entertainment

If you’re thinking of getting into Toy Camera photography, I’ve done reviews on a few ‘toy’ cameras. Check out the Holga 120N and the FPP Debonair.

All Photos Taken at The Bradley House Museum – Mississauga, Ontario
Holga 120N – Optical Lens 1:8 f=60mm – Fomapan 100 @ ASA-100
Blazinal (1+50) 9:00 @ 20C

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