Classic Camera Revival – Episode 101 – In the Loupe: Becca


On today’s show, we have the amazing Becca who is the driving force behind the Northern Film Collective. She started shooting back in HS, starting with disposable cameras also dabbled with digital but found film far more fulfilling. Since starting she has focused mainly on 35mm until recently when she started working with medium format. The medium format kit she ended up getting is a Bronica SQ-Ai a solid workhorse camera. And her Canon T90 remains a long time favourite and an interesting beast within the FD system. Back in 2019, she launched an online community, the Northern Film Collective, which was launched to highlight Canadian film based photographers. And recently they published their first anthology piece earlier this year. And don’t worry if you missed out on volume one, this summer they will be opening up for submissions for Volume 2.

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