Classic Camera Revival – Episode 147 – An Update from the Lab


Matt from ReveniLabs joins Alex for an update on the latest from ReveniLabs! And things have been busy since the release of the brilliant spot meter. This time Matt is pushing a new incident and reflective meter that is unique in that it is designed to slip over your fingers. It looks like a knuckleduster. The meter is designed to take both incident and reflective meter readings. It also can do flash metering, calculate flash power, and take the colour temperature. All readings are displayed on a small screen and controlled with a four-way joystick. The device is clean and well designed and fits in hand. Matt has also created a home multi-tank automated film developing system named DUNKBOT. This can run through multiple chemical tanks, complete agitation, heating, filling, and program in your favourite methods. Perfect for black & white along with colour development. If this interests you, why not head to Kickstarter and support the Dunkbot! And finally, a smaller device to help pull your film negatives into your print files without them binding or sticking.

You can find all you need from ReveniLabs on the following places.

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Also you can connect with us through email: classiccamerarevivial[at]gmail[dot]com or by Facebook, we’re at Classic Camera Revival, Twitter @ccamerarevival, and Instagram (@classiccamerarevival)!

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