Matt from ReveniLabs joins Alex for an update on the latest from ReveniLabs! And things have been busy since the release of the brilliant spot meter. This time Matt is pushing a new incident and reflective meter that is unique in that it is designed to slip over your fingers. It looks like a knuckleduster. The meter is designed to take both incident and reflective meter readings. It also can do flash metering, calculate flash power, and take the colour temperature. All readings are displayed on a small screen and controlled with a four-way joystick. The device is clean and well designed and fits inRead More →

When it comes to reviewing film cameras when I first started back in 2015 I thought was among the first to be doing so, as it turns out I probably was based on the times that a few fellow alliance members have been around reviewing film cameras. Throughout the previous 120 camera reviews, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve considered a hand-built camera, that number is one. Reviewing a homemade camera is difficult mostly because there’s a strong chance no one else has reviewed it or in the case of today’s camera even shot it outside the person who builtRead More →

The idea of a small light meter is nothing new, ever since the concept of an exposure meter that clip onto the camera through an accessory shoe (or hot shoe). When I was shooting a Barnack Leica, I used one such meter, the Voigtlander VCII. A fantastic meter, easy to use, a little restrictive at times, but never missed a beat. I don’t recall what happened to mine. It either stopped working or got lost on an adventure on in my one move. When my good friend and regular of the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup, Matt Bechberger, let me know he aimed to release hisRead More →