Classic Camera Revival – Episode 148 – What Were They Thinking?!?


It’s been a long time since we’ve had a show where we shouted into the void, so we’re shouting again and going on about some of the stranger decisions of the photographic industry has taken throughout their histories. We will avoid some of the more recent news coming out of Kodak Alaris, but we will dig into some of the more interesting historical choices of companies. Join John, Bill, Jess, Alex & James as we cover things from 620 Film, 828 Film, the Mamiya Universal, strange lenses, and early tech that didn’t work out or last as long as people thought! This episode also marks the final episode for our long-time co-host John Meadows. He has been a stalwart part of our team since our first episode and our tireless sound engineer and editor. This is, of course, not goodbye, as he will be returning on occasion.

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  1. I really enjoyed this episode, and learned a few things about the Mamiya Universal! On the subject of 828 film, I got my hands on some unperforated 35mm Portra 160NC that I will bulk load and test soon, so if anyone on CCR or just reading this is interested in reloading their own 828 or 126 cartridges, I’m open to trading some lengths of expired 160NC with anything interesting (I’m based in Canada). I’ve never been able to try many older films like Tech Pan, Panatomic-X, old color films and maaaany others.

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