One of my favourite things to do in both new and familiar cities is to simply wander, get lost even. In fact, this tactic has yielded some amazing photos on my previous trips. And while my wife does not share this same affinity to simply ‘get lost’ in a city she does enjoy the wandering parts. As long as we can stop for coffee or pop into some of the stores along the way. But out of all the cities, I’ve visited my favourite to simply wander around in is Chicago. To be more specific, the loop and the museum campus. These two areas areRead More →

I told you that I couldn’t capture all of Chicago in seven images…but fourteen doesn’t seem to work either. But anyways, for week 47 I decided to blow back to Chicago for a quick trip, mostly Chinatown but I did swing up into the Loop to take a visit to Central Camera (I needed fixer). Chinatown was fantastic, it felt very much like Toronto’s but with the Sears Tower looming overhead rather than the CN Tower, the same mix of north American and Asian influenced architecture (there was even a pagoda on the roof of a building). Not to mention tea shops, restaurants (I doRead More →

You just cannot capture Chicago in seven images, but I sure gave it a try…I loved this city, it felt right walking (quickly) along Michigan Ave, and it was clean. I mean I’ve visited New York, Boston, and Montreal, all great historic cities that maintain their historical elements to a greater degree than say Toronto, and Chicago is clean, Chicago has a good image, it’s citizens are proud of their city. While I was in the city I hung out with LeAnn, and she could not stop talking about it, and I don’t say this in a bad way! Now I can’t stop talking aboutRead More →