While the Mark 1 Intrepid is long obsolete, it was a fantastic camera for the era in which it was produced. It became the foundation of a resurgence in modern large-format camera creation, not only from the folks at Intrepid. And while this camera is long gone, it certainly left an impression on me and my photography. This camera was designed to make large format affordable and modern construction. And it certainly made that dream a reality. Was the camera perfect? Far from it, I had many problems with this camera, but for what it was and what it cost, it made a large format,Read More →

Still in Rochester for Week 13 and continuing with the Kodak Love! Again we have the guest camera from Andrew featured here in Week 13! The George Eastman House is now a museum dedicated to preserving the art of photography. Not only can you see the images but also the iconic cameras that created them. The famous photo of US Marine raising the Stars and Strips on Iwo Jima shows the original print at the GEH, and the Speed Graphic used to create the image. You can also tour the home of the man who brought Photography to the people. Sadly I arrived too lateRead More →