Photostock Pt. 3 – The Location

Ontario is beautiful, there’s no changing that, but sometimes you leave and go someplace else and only find that the same beauty you so like in the north can be found elsewhere, that’s exactly how I felt when I drove through Northern Michigan. I feel the state gets a bad rap because of places like Detroit and Flint (New Jersey is the same way), but there is incredable beauty to be found in the northern part of the state. You will be treated to miles of wooded areas, quant villages, friendly people, and sunsets…well sunsets.

Cross Village Port
The beach and port at Cross Village. A quick stop, before returning to the Birchwood.

The Harbor.
Harbor Springs, now a favourite town of mine. Plus a late night fudge shop helps alot.

Fort Michilimackinac - 1715-1780
Fort Michilimackinac a french outpost taken by the British in the Seven Years War, destroyed with a new fort was built out on the island.

Horses at Dusk
There was a horse paddock next to the Birchwood, which gave us a good chance to grab photos.

Petosky Harbor
The harbor in Petosky, sadly I wasn’t able to spend too much time here. Maybe next year.

Photostock 2012
Fence line along the M-119

Playing with ORWO

Photostock 2012
I did promise you a sunset. And here it is.

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