Back to the Siege for Week 22. It’s always fun carrying around classic or strange cameras it always makes for an interesting conversation piece especially when I’m out and around using it. These shots are mostly from around the fort and camps not of actual battles since a TLR takes a bit of effort to use and battles happen fairly fast, event during a war of 1812 reenactment. But despite the rain and mud I still brought it along and ran some HP5 through it to give that nice classic look. The Saturday Morning Parade Breakfast! Yes, some people even shy off modern conveniences andRead More →

Sorry about posting this late but I was on a week’s vacation and my server went down or I would have been posting this already. Anyways, another week another meet, this time in Hamilton Ontario with members of the Analog Photography User Group (APUG) forums. The five of us had an amazing sunny day to explore the HMCS Hiada and the rest of Hamilton’s water front. Pentax 645 – SMC Pentax A 645 35mm 1:3.5 – Shanghai GP3 Pentax 645 – SMC Pentax A 645 35mm 1:3.5 – Shanghai GP3 Nikon FM2 – Nikon Series E 28mm 1:2.8 – Kodak Ektachrome E100GX Nikon FM2 –Read More →

May 5th 1813 the ground around Fort Meigs was mud, there was no way to keep our uniforms clean, but at least we kept our powder dry and muskets clean. Inside the wooden stockade walls that surrounded the fort we could make out giant traverses throughout the entire area. I caught word that an officers who had been returned after capture described the Americans as “an army of groundhogs” as they had dug holes into the traverses for shelter. Either way, those traverses will make it difficult for General Proctor to lay waste to the fort, and the mud won’t help either. The fort’s stockadeRead More →

The Greenwhich-Mohawk industrial brownfield site provided the backdrop for Week 20. This massive complex in Brantford, Ontario has been up for development for years since the last business left late last century. The site dates back to the mid 1800s, providing homes to many companies such as Massy-Furguson and the Cockshutt Plow company. Recently they hosted an open house that allowed local photographers to come and visit and photograph the location to raise awareness for the project. It was a cold damp day like many have been over the course of spring here in Ontario, so I opted for a fast black and white filmRead More →

What a great wedding to kick off my 2011 wedding photography season with! Despite the early hour of starting, and the slight cloud coverage when we woke up by the time the portrait sessions started, the light was perfect. Laura and Mark (and their associated families) were wonderful to work with. The portraits were taken out at Laura’s family farm, the rural setting was beautiful.Read More →

A Wedding for week 19, specifically the wedding of Laura and Mark, and the first wedding for me of the season as the official photographer. So why not break out the film for the project and to do some formal portrait work. May 7th dawned a little grey but by the time we arrived on the farm for the formal work the light was perfect. I would have preferred to try out the new Portra 160, but I only had the new 400 available to me. And man did that film do wonders. Pentax 645 – SMC Pentax A 645 75mm 1:2.8 – Kodak PortraRead More →

So for the past 17 weeks, each week has been about one camera, and one type of film…so why not celebrate film shooting, and more specifically the April 30th Film Photography Podcast and APUG meet up in Toronto’s Distillery District that I organized. The meet itself was an amazing success, I was very pleased with the turn out, about 20 people showed up and the weather was spectacular! (I had the sunburn on my face to prove it the next day). I was still recieving compliments this past Sunday at the PHSC fair. Canon AE-1 Program – Canon FD Lens 50mm 1:1.8 – Kodak EktarRead More →

After spending five hours inside the amazing McCormicks Candy factory in London’s east side we took a break before grabbing dinner at a local pub and wandered around the Thames River in Central London. The weather was perfect! Pentax 645 – SMC Pentax A 645 35mm 1:3.5 – Fuji Velvia (RVP)Read More →

Another rainy Saturday in Toronto. But rather than set the mood again with a black and white film, why not let the colours of a spring rain sing. So once again my trusty Nikon F4 was loaded up with another roll of Kodak’s new Portra 400 and off I set. Walking from University Ave west along Queen Street to Dufferin. Yes I did make a quick stop at the Lomography Store at Queen and Bathurst. At least this time around the rain actually held off so I wasn’t soaked by the time I reached Liberty Village. Nikon F4 – AF DC-Nikkor 105mm 1:2D – KodakRead More →

Ever interested in joining the army? How about the British Army…circa 1812. Completed in 1802 when the British were forced to abandoned Fort Niagara across the river in accordance to the Jay Treaty of 1796, it became part of the defense of Upper Canada in the 19th Century. In 1813 the fort was captured by American forces who used it as a base to invade the rest of upper Canada, they were repulsed at Stoney Creek and Beaver Dams, the British were able to recapture the lost fort in December of 1813. During the First and Second World Wars the Fort was used as aRead More →