As a podcast that promotes ourselves as helping to feed photographers GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrom), it can be a breath of fresh air to help people find ways to reduce the amount of GAS that they suffer from. But in light of our previous episode and talking about keeping things simple, the team decided to sit down and discuss ways to help reduce GAS. Through everything from looking critically at your gear to determining what you needed and wanted to do with your equipment. And how to help get this gear into other people’s hands who will use it rather than let it sit collectingRead More →

We’re at the start of a new Season! And why not have a trip around the table to discuss our team’s goals, resolutions, projects and other photographic things we’re each looking forward to through 2023? The common theme throughout our goals is to work on our physical and mental health. Also, working through backlogs, various group projects and getting more work in physical form! James Instead of resolving, James is planning on making a couple of changes! He wants to focus on himself first; everyone has had a rough few years. And for James, he’s started back into a journey of health after some difficultRead More →

Well, we made it through another year. And my past year certainly started with a surprise, the arrival of my son in February. And while you don’t see him featured on my blog anytime soon, I hope to introduce him to photography when he’s old enough. He will certainly have a full pick of cameras to work with if he chooses to explore the hobby further. And the best part is that I love being a dad, but I still love my photography hobby, and this year has been an excellent one for photography. With a good winter, spring and delightful fall, it made forRead More →

There are no saxophone solos in this episode because we aren’t heading into the Danger Zone, but rather the Dangerfield Zone. Join Alex, John, and Bill as they discuss cameras and films that just get no respect! Subjects include Miranda Cameras, the Nikon FM10, Nikkormats, 200-Speed B&W films, Fomapan 100 and Fuji Superia 200! Miranda Cameras When it comes to Miranda cameras, these have never been mentioned before on this podcast. But as a company, despite having a cult following now, they were a bit of a third-party player. Despite this, they remained rather innovative despite their short, troubled history. One of their early offerings,Read More →

Let’s face it; film photography can be fairly frustrating. A lot can go wrong, and some things can be more difficult when viewed through a modern context. But then there are some cameras, films, and processes that can be worth the effort as they deliver results that are something unique or special. So join Alex, John, and Bill as they discuss what they think is worth the effort! Cameras Zeiss Ikon Super-Ikonta 531/2 When it comes to folders, they offer a great deal of power in a small package. But the camera can be a bit of a bear and hard on the pocketbook. RegardingRead More →

As a follow-up to part one, where the team tackled the black & white motion picture films that have been creeping into the still photography lane, on this episode, we’re talking about the colour films that are available from the motion picture world that are becoming popular among still photographers as they are more readily available. But we are also bringing in some ringers, Bill Manning and Christina Haley from the Atlanta Film Co, to give us a breakdown and something Euphoric! The Atlanta Film Co is a collaboration between Bill Manning (formerly of the Studio C-41 1 Hour Podcast), Christian Haley (Lab Manager) andRead More →

The 1970s were weird. Polyester leisure suits, disco, drugs, and all the euphoria of the post-war boom before the crashing realisation of the 1980s. But it also was a major turning point for the photography market. You had the small form factor SLR hit the stage with the Olympus OM-1 and the beginnings of automation through electronics. Many camera makers picked a direction and went with it, but Canon, Canon had to be different. They went both ways and produced two forms of semi-automatic cameras, the EF and the A-1. So in today’s episode, Bill and John decide to take these two cameras out butRead More →

The team here digs into the cursed cameras as we get into the spooky season. Those that never worked right or had something strange going on made us want to call in a young priest and an old priest. These cameras include the Zenit 3m that John kept trying to find a working body, but at least got that sweet Helios 44 lens (in m39 mount), and even his one working body ended up having shutter issues. Bill and the Canon F-1 with a mysterious light leak due to a bad repair job. Alex and his struggles with the iconic Argus C3 and the strangeRead More →

In today’s episode, the team sets about discussing their favourite single malt scotches and whiskeys, well, not really. We consume some fine single-malt during our lively discussion about developing tanks and different systems for home processing, from the simple to the complex, steel, plastic, and constant rotation. Steel When it comes to a classic system, look no further than steel tanks and reels. These come in fixed sizes, and you must buy different reels for different formats. But the bonus is that you can use them wet. But not all reels are made equal; Hewes is the best brand for quality and ease of loading.Read More →

We’re going back to the Mystery Camera Challenge, only this time Alex is picking out cameras for the team from his collection and choosing cameras that will certainly challenge the folks who are used to certain types and styles of cameras. At the same time, Alex takes on a camera from John’s collection. The team also discusses tips and techniques for photographing the fall colours that will be coming sooner rather than later. Mystery Camera Challenge V This time around, Alex digs into his own camera collection, looking for cameras for our gang of misfits that aren’t exactly their bread and butter cameras. And comesRead More →