If you want your images to have something that no other images have, then shoot Infrared film, it literally sees the world in a different light, infrared light to be exact. While these days there aren’t many options for black and white or even colour infrared films save for Rollei IR400 and the FPP Infrapan 200. There are however many in the near infrared range. I don’t often work with infrared film stocks as they need just the right set of circumstances to work well. Not to mention special filters, even cameras need to be done right as the film is highly sensitive. But whenRead More →

Nothing like making the best out of a bad situation, but at least it wasn’t raining. Week 32 I found myself again lurking around Cleveland, Ohio for the Northeast Ohio APUG meetup (NEOH APUG) hosted by the wonderful John and Dolly Powers. The Sunday found us down at the lake shore trying to get shots of these tug boats, the entire fleet of tugs for the Great Lakes Shipyard nearby. The morning rain storm turned into blazing overhead light, less than ideal certimstances to photograph in, but rather than risk it raining again later, I sort of looked around for the best spot in theRead More →

May got busy…really busy. Between the Northeast Ohio Meetup from APUG to going to Chicago, I’ve had zero time to do any sort of processing, but with a bit of a lull I’ve been pushing myself to work through my backlog. So expect some rapid fire posts for Weeks 20, 21, and 22. But first, Week 20, the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland. I was on my way to the NEOH APUG meetup at John Power’s place and decided to swing through Cleveland and hit up the Aperture Photography store in the historic Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland on my way in. Sadly the store was closedRead More →