I was remiss in posting about this year’s Photostock back in June! As with last year, it was a fantastic time, more so for me this year, as I stayed at the Birchwood to party it up with the group late into the night. Late nights and early mornings. Three things make Photostock great. The Place, the People, and the Community. So the photos I took reflect the first two items, the Place and the People. The third one can be shown in the photos. However, video drives the point home. This group of photographers shoots a wide range of cameras and techniques, yet weRead More →

City Methodist, a grand old church brought low by the slow march of time. Opened in 1925, four one million dollars, most of that being fund-raised by Reverend William Seaman, and US Steel footing some of the bills. Constructed in the English Gothic style, the sanctuary alone stands nine stories tall and could house 950 people. But the church was more than just the sanctuary. The whole complex had a school and theatre for traditional plays and films. It also had space for storefronts. At its peak, there were 3,000 members on the church roll. But when the steel industry crashed…the people moved away fromRead More →