Photostock 2013 – Feel So Close

I was remiss in posting about this year’s Photostock back in June! As with last year, it was a fantastic time, more so for me this year, as I stayed at the Birchwood to party it up with the group late into the night. Late nights and early mornings. Three things make Photostock great. The Place, the People, and the Community. So the photos I took reflect the first two items, the Place and the People. The third one can be shown in the photos. However, video drives the point home. This group of photographers shoots a wide range of cameras and techniques, yet we don’t let that drive us apart but instead draw us together to learn, interact, talk, and share. Each is on equal footing, no matter what level of skill you’re at. Even digital shooters are more than welcome!

The Place
The Place, of course, is northern Michigan, Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Mackinac City, Cross Village, Good Hart, and my favourite drive, the M119.

Good Hart General Store

Photostock - The Birchwood

Photostock - The Dunes

O'Neal Lake - Dead Trees

We could just drive

White Crosses

Mackinac City

The People
It is the People that make Photostock what it is. Such a widely varied group who all love photography and sharing about it!

Photostock - The Birchwood

Photostock - The Birchwood

Rocket Men

Photostock 2013 - The People

Photostock 2013 - The People

Photostock 2013 - The People

You can check out the rest of my Photostock images on flickr!

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