I had gotten three hours of sleep before my alarm clock woke me up. But I knew there was some strange reason I had done this to myself. So by five in the morning, I was back on the road again, aiming myself into Toronto. I reached Polson Pier just before six. The wind and cold were wicked that morning. My iPhone told me it was -10C. I quickly set up my camera at the pier’s edge; two huge cargo ships were busy getting loaded. But my interest was in the Toronto skyline. The sky was still dark, with no sign of the sun yetRead More →

Hidden behind a hospital and a massive shopping mall, a tiny road dies at a park. You can still see the old light standards continuing down. I had some time to kill on a Saturday afternoon, so I decided to stop and check it out; having a camera with me, I naturally brought it along for the hike. Down at the base of the road, I was drawn out onto one of the side trails that ran along a river bank; following it around, I noticed something in the distance; it looked like a bridge, but not a bridge one would expect; it looked likeRead More →