Agh, I’ve been remiss in posting more from the Photostock Event back in June of this year, and for that, I apologize, but things went straight down the tubes after Photostock, and I’ve been running at a million kilometres per hour since, and still haven’t stopped. But anyways, I’ll get some more Photostock up here this week. Anyways onto the actual content. The M119 is a unique road; it’s classified as a state highway but is far from it; a national historic scenic route runs from just outside the village of Harbor Springs to Cross Village, at Photostock I took the opportunity to drive theRead More →

The first of many posts about the amazing mid-summer meetup I attended in northern Michigan. The event is called Photostock and hosted/organized by world renowned photographer Bill Schwab, who despite his world renownedness is a really cool down to earth humble guy who just wants to get other photographers inspired. And inspire me it did, to get back into the chemicals and restart developing my own black and white film, and to print…printing will come later, but I did find a place nearby that has rentable darkrooms so I will be printing again soon! But anyways, first, more Photostock. The event is held in theRead More →