For the first time in a couple years now I had a snow day, one of the perks of working for an educational institution is that if the college closes, I don’t have to work. However most of that Friday was spent shovling the snow we got, but Saturday dawned bright, clear, and snowcovered. The beautiful aftermath. So taking advantage of this I headed out and travelled along the backroads and rural areas of Hamilton, capturing the snow covered beauty that I missed last year. Nikon F3 – AI-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 – Kodak Tri-X 400 Kodak HC-110 Dil. B 4:30 @ 20CRead More →

So after Friday’s winter storm, Saturday dawned bright and clear so I loaded up three cameras and went to Hamilton. For these shots I really slowed down my shooting, one maybe two shots each place I stopped with the Rolleiflex. I carefully looked at each area, pre-visualized what I’d want the final print to look like. Using a Pentax Spotmeter V, I metered for shadows I wanted the most details in, then underexposed by a stop (Putting the shadows in Zone IV), focused, and shot. Then made notes on the exposure. It was basically like shooting large format (I did see a guy with aRead More →

Many fellow photographers that I know shy away from Street Photography, the idea of taking photos of another person without their permission is a bit of a polarizing topic both in and outside the photography realm. But there are many well respected and famous photographers who made their career doing that. It’s a subject I dable with on occation, mostly sticking to shorter lenses, or more unique cameras (like a Polaroid, or my Rolleiflex). A trip into Toronto to see my friend Sean’s Gallery opening gave me a chance to capture some street images, mostly on the long subway ride to and from my carRead More →

Details, Details, Details. I’ll be the first to admit that I am, hands down a sucker for ultra-wide lenses, big sweeping views and wide open spaces. I love my 14-24mm lenses, 28mm, ect. The wider the better. I was originally planning on getting a manual focus 35mm lens for this project. But then I thought to myself. Why not force myself to go back to when I was first learning photography when all I had with my Minolta SRT-102 was a 50mm lens. The AI-S Nikkor 50mm was firmly attached to my F3, to help me pay attention to something, details. Sure I can stillRead More →

I’ve honestly smelled better in abandoned buildings than this dark brown almost black solution sitting on the counter in my film lab (read: laundry room), but will it actually develop film, everything I’ve read and seen online says it will, my brain and nose say otherwise and I pour it into the tank. So as I agitate the tank, I am hoping that this strange brew (with apologies to Bob & Doug McKenzie) does its job. So before I continue, let me answer the question that some of you may be asking, what exactly is caffenol? Caffenol is a film developer that you can makeRead More →

It was back when I was still in college and would take back roads to and from the school from my home town of Milton, there were about ten abandoned farmhouses along these roads, and one day I just decided to stop and poke my head into them, and decided to bring along my camera, at that time a Minolta SRT-102 loaded with cheap Fuji Superia film. Well as many who know me I’ve gone far beyond exploring houses, so much so that I find them kinda boring these days. But when a new to the community explorer invited me along, I wasn’t going toRead More →

This is what it’s all been leading up to. A print, there’s something unique about holding a print in your hand, looking down at the patterns of light and shadow being brought out in blacks, whites, and grays, it’s magic. Well actually its science, the perfect blend of art and science. Creating the print is a rather neat process from start to end and when you sit down and think about the sheer amount of control you have over the whole process is fantastic. You get to pick the camera (and in some cases the lens), film stock. Then you can meter it the wayRead More →

Week Three is dedicated to my Dad and to Mary-Irene. Mary Irene I first met on twitter as one of the social media gals from the Eastman Kodak company, we met for lunch back in August when I was in Rochester and she was the first person outside of my circle of photography friends to hear about this project, she has since moved on to work for Toys R Us, so this is the perfect blend, her past job at Kodak (Tri-X), and her new job (Toys). The weather report was saying that the weekend was going to be dull and rainy, so I reallyRead More →

Back in October when I visited New York City in addition to a plethora of still photography cameras I also took along a super 8 camera, and while in NYC picked up two cartridges of Super8 film, Kodak E100D, and shot them around the city. Once again the footage was out of focus, which I soon found out was due to the camera not my operation of it. Which is a good thing over all. Again I’m rather pleased with how it all turned out. Now the camera, it sadly lost it’s life after getting hit by a subway (after I had pulled the secondRead More →

When it rains, the last place you’ll want to be is Fort Meigs, trust me on this one. The fort isn’t the nicest fort that got involved in the war, there is not a long drawn out or particularly memorable history about the depot fortification. It really is more of an afterthought, a post designed to be a stopping point for troops and supplies, and while it saw only two sieges over the course of the war it did stand out in one way. It was the largest wooden palisade wall fort in all of North America, at least when it was first built. UnlikeRead More →