Not to be outdone by the rest of the group Donna has a new camera, and she’s going big, like 8×10 big! She recently picked up a beautiful Cambo SC Monorail 8×10 camera and so far loves it! Make: Cambo Model: Legend SC Type: View Camera, Monorail Format: 8×10 or 4×5 Lens: Interchangable, Cambo SC Board Plus Donna has already taken it out and shot a few images on it with beautiful results!! Cambo Legend SC – Agfa Gevaert AG Super Intergon 1:9/305mm – Agfa RC Paper – Kodak Dektol (Stock) Cambo Legend SC – Agfa Gevaert AG Super Intergon 1:9/305mm – Agfa RC PaperRead More →

Probably one of the best things to actually invest in with your camera kit is lenses, as the title says, marry your lenses, date your cameras. Once you’ve figured out what system you want to shoot with, invest in glass, so on this the first episode of our second season the gang talks about their favourite lenses! Glass Featured on Today’s Show… In 35mm… Canon FD Lens S.S.C. 50mm 1:1.4 – While on the surface this is just another 50mm FD Canon lens which are already a fantastic lens to shoot on all your FD mount cameras what sets this camera about is the SSCRead More →

  < In this special bonus episode, an interview with Tim Gilbert of the SP-445 Kickstarter project. In this project, Tim and his team have come up with a new kind of 4×5 development tank that can develop up to 4 sheets at once, with an economical use of chemistry. This Kickstarter project closes on January 18th,  2016 so you still have time! Check it out! Looking for a good spot to get your gear and material fix…check out Burlington Camera, Downtown Camera, Film Plus, Belle Arte Camera and Camtech, if you’re in the GTA region of Ontario, if you’re on the West Coast (BritishRead More →

So we’ve come to our last episode of season one, and since it is December, we have lots of cameras on the table that hold a special value to the gang, and that is the fact they were a gift to us! Often from a parent or grandparent. Cameras featured on Today’s Show… Bronica EC This electronically controlled 6×6 SLR was a gift to Donna from Mike after she got a hankering for a Hasselblad. With the ‘blads being a bit cost prohibitive (unless you strike a deal) but she’s been very very happy with the camera! Make: Bronica Model: EC Type: Single Lens ReflexRead More →

We love our own cameras so for the most part will bring something we’re used to or have some experience with to the table for the past episodes. So for November we’re switching it up, throwing a wrench in the works…we’re doing a mystery camera challenge! That’s right each host has selected a camera from their collection (to make things fair/easy the only criteria was that it had to be a 120 camera, and we all used the same film Rollei RPX xxx) and not told anyone else, then we each pull a name from a hat and use that person’s camera. Cameras featured onRead More →

It finally happened, we’ve gone and branched into the wonderful world of large format photography! So what is large format, well for the most part we’ve been discussing cameras that take roll film, that is 35mm and medium format, large format cameras for the most part take sheet film, measured in inches rather than millimeters or centimeters. Cameras featured on Today’s Show… Speed Graphic: the classic press camera the Speed Graphic has a focal plane shutter that allows for press photographers to shoot quickly using a film magazine. Crown Graphic: the cousin of the Speed Graphic, the only real difference is that the Crowns doRead More →

It’s the home of the Greek gods and producer of several ‘cult classic’ cameras, today join Mike, Donna, and John (Alex has been captured by the French but should be back next month) as they dive into the wonderful world of Olympus cameras. Cameras featured on Today’s Show… John and The Olympus Pen F The Olympus Pen F is a classic, and unique as the only dedicated 35mm half-frame ever made. Beautiful to hold and handle, it is a joy to use! Here is a great information page on this little jewel. Here’s my Pen F, on a recent “photo outing” And here are aRead More →

It’s the summer and what’s the best thing to do in the summer but travel, so with the gang on Summer vacation Classic Camera Revival host Alex Luyckx is coming to you live across the pond from the sun dappled French country side just outside of Vimy in France! Cameras featured on Today’s Show… Contax G2 – The only autofocus rangefinder out there, and one of Alex’s personal favourite cameras. While the autofocus is a bit iffy even manual focus is next to impossible, the camera makes up for it in being an easy to carry camera with great lenses to back it up! PhotosRead More →

We’re switching away from our usual format and making like Paddington Bear and doing it ourselves! And there’s plenty out there from making your own developer, mounting old lenses on modern cameras, even some basic repairs you can do yourself at home. As always, we be held responsible if things mess up, we’re not professionals or trained in this matter, please do these at your own risk. Kodak Hawkeye Lens Flip Discussed back in Episode 2, it is possible to flip the lenses on the Kodak Hawkeye and Hawkeye Flash models of the iconic 1950s snapshot camera. Being a single element lens, this only exaggeratesRead More →

Comrades! Welcome to Communist Camera Revival. Don’t get the (red) scare, we’re just covering Communist Cameras this month as the 1st of May marks International Communist Camera Day! So why was the 1st ICCD? Because the day was a major holiday in the Soviet Union. So let’s get our lomo on and explore the wondrous cameras that have come out of Communist countries. But where did these cameras come from, many look like top end German cameras? Well the simple fact is that they came from Germany, when the Red Army overran Germany they carried away parts, tools, and employees that worked for the majorRead More →